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And I don't have cable .... whaaaaaa!


"I'm not an idiot. I get that drama requires conflict, and a TV show about a casually promiscuous guy who's overall pretty happy with his life and doesn't have any real problems would make for some profoundly boring drama. And I'm not an idiot, Part 2: I get that sex is complicated and messy and irrational, and that people don't always handle it very well. As much as I hate the narrow, luridly moralistic vision of sex that pop culture usually hands us, I'm not looking for sex-positive propaganda either."

That's my exact defense of "Big Love". I've read some poly bloggers write that they wish the program could have been about an openly polyamorous family. But in my opinion, the subject of Mormon polygamy offers a lot more dramatic potential, given the tension between Mormon polygamists and the larger society of Utah (which is an odd world in itself, from the point of view of most people).

Michael Nietzsche

Thank goodness for Cinemax!!! Californication was one of the best things on TV this whole year!!! I can't wait for the next installment!

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