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Shannon Lewis

Read N.T. Wright's "Jesus and the Victory of God" sometime - I think you greatly misunderstand the concept of 'Jesus is Lord', given what you wrote above about Jesus supposedly being God. Otherwise, thanks for the suggestions.

Greta Christina

"I think you greatly misunderstand the concept of 'Jesus is Lord'..."

Ummm... I "misunderstand" it?

It's not "misunderstanding" a religion when you don't agree with it. And it's not "misunderstanding" a religion to discuss a very common interpretation of the religion that some people don't happen to share.

You might want to take a look at my recent piece "A Self-Referential Game of Twister: What Religion Looks Like From the Outside" (it's rather shorter and easier to read than the book you're recommending to me). It's a look at how every religious believer is convinced that their interpretation of their faith is the right one... and what that looks like from an outside perspective.


interesting you should mention there are no writings of jesus christ himself. when the bible was correlated, huge numbers of writings were excluded. many of the documents are still safely tucked away at the Vatican,. It is distinctly possible that the writings of jesus would be amongst those documents, and many people say they are, I am forced to wonder why these writings would not make the final draft of god's own word, being as the bible is supposed to be the ultimate resource for all jesus freaks. perhaps jesus wrote in limerick, or just maybe his anti-church tirades were just a little to controversial for the powers that shouldn't be?


Stephen: your assertions sound - with apologies for being blunt - like a conspiracy theorist's misunderstanding of the biblical apocrypha and the pseudepigrapha. See wikipedia on "Biblical canon" for background, particularly the "Development of" sub-article.

The biblical canon was chosen from a pile of candidate writings. In fact, various sects of christianity made different choices; the Catholic bible is not the same as the Protestant bible.

Finding English translations of the excluded writings is more difficult than for the more popular ones, but these days, it's just a quick web search.

Now, it sounds like someone got confused between "excluded from the Catholic canon by the Council of Trent" and "secretly buried in the Vatican crypts".

But just in case I'm wrong... is there something else that you're referring to?

(There is a brief discussion of (accusations of) Catholic suppression of non-canonical works in wikipedia's "Gospel of Judas" article.)

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