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Phil Goldmarx

Excuse me, but doesn't the film in question have a scene in it where a white man puts a leash around the neck of his black maid and leads her around like she's a dog?

Greta Christina

There are no white people in the movie. The cast is entirely Latino.

And if memory serves (it's been a little while since I've seen the video, I originally wrote this review a couple of years ago), the scene you're talking about is a consensual play-acting scene between a couple. The woman isn't the man's maid; she's his lover or wife, dressed up like his maid.

Phil Goldmarx

I was not aware that "Latino" and white were mutually exclusive categories. Perhaps "Latinos of European descent" would be a better description?

The imagery in question is very racially provocative and I've never seen it in a mainstream US porn production. There, the interracial mix is always black male/white female, and it is the black male who uses such equipment (when featured) on the white woman, in a reversal of roles, as it were.

The scene in "Caribbean Heat" had no role reversal - it looked like it was lifted straight out of a plantation. Given Candida Royalle's well-deserved reputation as a progressive, I was shocked.

The ethnic composition of the cast is not as important as how the cast is used.

Greta Christina

Again, it's been a little while since I've seen the movie. But to reply to your points:

First, the movie was not directed by Candia Royalle. She produced it - but it was directed by a Latina woman, Manuela Sabrosa.

Second, the cast was, if I remember correctly, all native to the Caribbean. My take on that scene was not "white man domming a black woman" -- it was "Latino couple doing a dom/sub scene." (An extremely mild one at that.)

Third, this was one scene of many in the film -- all showing couples exploring a variety of fantasies. That was clearly the context for this scene -- they were one couple among many exploring their fantasy together.

Fourth, a black man topping a white woman isn't necessarily a reversal of roles -- it's a reversal of racial roles, yes, but it isn't a reversal of gender roles.

All of which brings me to five:

Are you trying to argue that porn performers should never do power-play roles that reflect power dynamics in society? That in porn, women should never sub to men, people of color should never sub to white people, darker-skinned people should never sub to lighter-skinned people?

I, for one, would be very disappointed by that. Like a lot of women, I get off on male dom/ female sub porn. Some pretty nasty stuff, too, often involving fantasies of force and abuse of power.

And I *hate* it when certain feminists argue that nobody should be making that kind of porn, that it's sexist and offensive and demeaning to women. (It especially annoys me when the porn in question is made by women.) This woman gets off on that stuff -- and I'm not the only one.

I agree that porn creators should be sensitive to stereotypes. But I think in this case, they were. It was a Latina director, for goodness' sake. If you don't want to watch a darker-skinned Latina woman subbing (very mildly) to her lighter-skinned Latino partner in what is obviously a consensual, playful role-play scene, that's perfectly valid. But it's also what the fast-forward button is for. You have a right to be squicked by whatever squicks you, but I don't think you have a right to expect porn creators to avoid your squicks.


The one thing that has always amused me about Candida Royale, is that someone did not do a great job of name research here.

Candida albicans is the formal term for the organism that causes yeast infections, and for a chick-porn producer to label herself with a name that makes people think about yeast infections is quite hilarious.


This is the worst movie we have ever seen. Wife and I were very disapointed.

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