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I'm shocked (and a bit embarassed) that my post inspired an entire blog. What you said makes sense. The only part I disagree with is white women not being able to criticize black male sexism for fear of sounding clueless. I don't think white conservatives sound like idiots or worse at all. I don't think they should allow themselves to get so easily intimidated by race-baiters. People could be counting on them to speak up. I definitely take back what I said about porn. You actually have a much wider range of knowledge than I implied. You write a lot about atheism and science for example and I always enjoy those pieces. One of my favorite pieces was "Comforting Thoughts about Death..." because even though I'm not afraid of death and don't need to be comforted, it was so unique! I like how you're able to talk about atheism reasonably without coming across as defensive or embittered like some atheists do which I think contributes to the "ignorance" towards us. But I can understand the anger of atheists just like you can. So maybe you can understand why my tone was so acerbic. Maybe I harbor resentment at the fact that I'm the only person who cares about or is bothered by misogyny and one of the few bothered by sexism. *Maybe* I harbor resentment, because that's no one's fault, much less a feminist and besides, I consider myself a reasonable person.

Even though I'm not a porn connoseur but just a regular porn fan, I still appreciate that sex positive feminists give voice to women's sexuality. That's why my favorite piece is "Are We Having Sex Now or What?" followed by "Bending" from the Susie Bright series.

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