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Unfortunately, Alternet may be cursed with one of the most abysmally ignorant group of commentators on the entire internet, and doubly so if the post is anything to with sexuality.

Greta Christina

I'm sorry to hear you say that, IACB. But I don't agree. Admittedly I've only recently started reading AlterNet, but what I've read so far has mostly impressed me. And while I haven't yet read much of their sex writing, they do have Susie Bright on board as a regular columnist, so they can't be complete idiots.


To be clear, I'm not talking about Alternet itself or the Alternet writers, but about the *commentators* who discuss the Alternet posts (the way we're discussing this post now). My experience has been, that when it comes to sex work and porn-related topics, the level of discussion is pretty low. I refer specifically to this article by Sara Katherine Lewis and the commentary that followed (which said more about some peoples irrational hatred of sex workers than anything about stripping per se):

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