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David Castor

Yes, it's a lovely song. I'm pretty sure though that Nick Cave is simply suggesting that he doesn't believe in the God of orthodox theism. I'm led to believe that he actually identifies himself as a Christian.


All he says is that he doesn't believe in an *interventionist* god or angels. He doesn't say that he doesn't believe in god at all. Especially when he uses the capital H for Him and says Christ.

However, he could be atheist.

Either way, you're right, this is beautiful, and this is the kind of atheism I love. The kind that hasn't forgotten the beauty of religious emotions and imagery. The kind that doesn't think that religion is completely useless... that knows it has some good in it, some purpose, and that much beauty can be found in it... even if you don't necessarily believe in it or use it to shape your life, your path, or your beliefs.

...hmm... I think that's what I do with religion. I keep in mind that, most likely, most of it is bullshit at worst, simply untrue at best, however, it has an amazing ability to touch some people's hearts and "souls" and enrich peoples lives. I let it enrich my life while keeping things in perspective. If only that was the view of more spiritual people.


Nick has a personal and deeply wierd take on religion, try reading 'And The Ass Saw The Angel'.

Or check this out,

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