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Beth Terry

Beth and Michael went to Boston, and Beth drove! Beth and Michael had dinner, and Michael cooked! Beth and Michael went to L.A., and Beth drove AGAIN! Beth and Michael had sex, and they took turns being on top! Oh my god! Beth and Michael went wedding ring shopping, and split the cost! Beth and Michael should start hanging out with Brad and Angelina, except that they'd probably have to hang out with the kids too, and Beth and Michael got married, and didn't breed! On purpose! And STILL, Beth and Michael haven't made it into US Magazine. What does it freakin' take???


For fuck's sake is right. Do you think this is the only thing we can write about when it comes to sexism? Porn and Jolie driving?

what about the stuff that happens to nonwhite women? what about the fact that in rap women (of all stripes, not that it should matter) are routinely called bitches and ho's. here are a couple of gems:

"bitch please you must have a mental disease, assume the position and get on your knees."

"fuck a bitch, don't tease bitch
strip tease bitch, eat a bowl of these bitch, gobble a dick. ho's forgot eat a dick and shut the fuck up".

these aren't obscure lyrics. these are by mainstream artists. the second one is from Xxplosive which is a very popular song. if you listen to Dr. Dre's 2001 album you'll be amazed at the amount of hatred delivered to women, not to mention the fact that it's all from a male perspective with few women to respond. it's amazing that women can be so "euro" that they overlook things like this in favor of constantly talking about porn (no offense) and noticing things like in US magazine. I would say that the Jolie drove comment was extremely flukish. no one is surprised to see Britney driving unless there's a baby on her lap.

Beth Terry

Sexposfemme, no one is surprised to see Britney or Angelina or any other woman drive when she is alone or with kids or other women. But they are still surprised when there is a man in the car. It's not, Oh my god, a woman driving! It's, Oh my god, a woman driving a man!


ok, that makes sense then. upon rereading, I see that my post may have come across as harsh, so I just want to establish that I didn't mean to have that kind of tone. the first sentence was supposed to be a quip. :)

Tracy Quan

Oh. Well, it may seem anachronistic, but... I like the man to drive -- and I prefer to date guys who can drive. And I would be turned off if a guy wanted me to drive him somewhere. I think I would just find it very unsexy. I actually broke up with someone who suggested I learn to drive!

But each to her own! Maybe I'm a bit of a retro freak???

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