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"It has to convey what the sex means.
Why the people are having it. Whether it’s giving them what they’d hoped for. What about it is surprising. Whether anything is going to be different now because of this sex."

That describes the kind of work that goes into literature. I don't read porn for the same reasons I read literature, and a lot of so-called erotica fails for me as porn because too much attention is paid to that.

I hasten to add that the porn of yours I've read, including the passage you quoted, didn't have that problem for me. So if that's what you're doing, there's yet a fourth thing going on, in which you mask the thoughtfulness in what you call skeleton, not letting it get in the way of the piece's purpose (in my estimation).

Greta Christina

I do know what you're talking about, jraoul. While the literary/ deeper meaning qualities are important to make porn really sucessful for me (both as literature *and* as porn), I've also read plenty of erotica that spent WAAAAY too much time on them. It's like the writers were trying so hard to be high quality and literary that they forgot to turn the reader on.

I think the fourth element you're talking about may just be the balance between the other three elements (physical acts, emotions/ sensations, and meaning). If a piece I'm writing seems like it's losing sexual heat and momentum, that probably means that I need to scale back on the deeper meaning stuff, and rev up the physical acts and sensations.

And the elements need to be woven together gracefully. Too much erotica tries to be literary by alternating "plot, sex scene, plot, sex scene," instead of making the sex an integral part of the plot and vice versa.

If that makes sense.

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