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I thought you were about to announce the Harry Potter winner.

I did ok, but some of mine were just a little right (or a little wrong, I suppose).

Greta Christina

Haven't read it yet, haven't read it yet, haven't read it yet, haven't read it yet, haven't read it yet...

LA LA LA LA LA, am sticking my fingers in my ears, please nobody say anything here about it yet!

I ordered my copy from the UK, so I could get the British version instead of the one that's translated into American English, and it hasn't yet arrived. So please, nobody say anything to me about it yet! Thanks.

Laura Deal

I got an e-mail from B&N saying that the release date had been changed so my pre-orederd book would be arriving late.

Um... with another book I might accept that story, but um, this book's release was kind of an event and unless all the stories of people getting their books at midnight were made up, I'm thinking the release date was in fact this Saturday.

Seriously, if they're going to lie to me, couldn't they respect me enough to make it a good lie?

The woman I called on Saturday said it had in fact been shipped and should arrive "soon". Meanwhile I can't read half on the entries on LiveJournal because practically everyone on my flist has finished the book already. Thankfully they're all being kind and putting spoiler warnings on their posts.

It also sucks because this is my last week off for awhile and I've actually got time to sit and read.

*pouting and strumming fingers*


Yes, I thought it was your HP someone named release day Potterdammerung", a nice little double-entendre) contest results.

Speaking of Harry Potter, here's some lovely (I don't think there are any spoilers) slash that is quite hilarious:

The Dursleys, you see, didn't give young Harry much opportunity to learn about the birds and the bees...


Hermione was sitting in one of the high-backed armchairs in front of the fire, studying an odd-looking device. "What sort of magic wand's that, then?" asked Ron.
Hermione smiled a cat smile. "A Hitachi," she said.

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