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Guess who's featured in the latest carnival of the feminists?

Love it if you took a look and maybe posted the link back here? ta!


So, yeah, that meme that you chose me to be part of that I've totally slacked off on doing? I finally posted it.

Sorry for the delay (and the OT comment).

Go check it out, leave your thoughts.


Great post! I liked it so much that I linked to it on the new "Blog of Pro-Porn Activism" I co-edit. (Shameless plug):


You took me on SUCH a detour through a pile of different spanking blogs and movie reviews, I just got back to the last few entries you've posted!

I do have fun violating "NSFW" labels. I amused myself showing co-workers pictures of the '05 Folsom Street Fair which were

Safe for work:

Not Safe For Work:

Oh, hell, no!

(Disclaimer: the use of the word "hell" above is purely a linguistic convention and does not imply any endorsement by the author of any theory of an afterlife.)

BTW, have you seen Bitchy Jones' blog? has some excellent writing about nicely dark fantasies.


Have you read Niki Flynn's Dances with Werewolves? An interesting take on much the same sort of ground.

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