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HTML is not enabled in responses here, so I will just direct you to two non-blue non-porn elephants on a Sunday.

Their opinion on human porn is probably this:

"More treats, please"


I'm now coming up with ideas about how us pervert people should celebrate National Porn Sunday. A few years ago, the lovely Hanne Blank responded to "National Protection from Pornography Week" by calling for "Protection From Crappy Pornography Week," and I think it's a tradition that needs to be reborn. The pervs need a day of their own.


I'm down for the celebration. I'll bring my elephant.


National Porn Sunday Elephant – sounds almost like one of those "Japlish" Japanese porn titles like "Inside Charge Mania New Drug Experiment Club" or "Jesus Clitoris Superstar Special".

Pierce R. Butler

Don't forget to check out the porn 'n' pancakes/pastries links at !

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