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Susie Bright

wow, i knew I'd love your answers to this.

that is so incredible you got to have control of that billboard, and what you did with it. where was it?

what upset you about pink flamingos at the time? do you have that letter still?

any photos of you with the blue clouds on your face?

I love you, greta


Buck Fuddy

"when it occurred to me that I probably saw this kid playing on the jungle gym when I was sneaking off behind Rockefeller Chapel to get stoned -- and was now fucking him -- it was a little weird."

Isn't that the weirdest feeling? The first time I experienced it was when I realized a girl I was sleeping with was a little younger than my youngest sister. Eeeew! But I got over it.

Next was when it suddenly dawned on me that a girl I was sleeping with hadn't even been born yet when I got laid for the first time. Cringe! I got over that one too.

Then about a year ago I had sex with a girl half my age. (I'd just turned 50.) This time I actually went into it with the full realization that it was a little weird, but I got over that really fast.

The thing is, I've always been intensely attracted to women in their mid-twenties. There's just something irresistible about them. The first time I had sex with a woman in her mid-twenties I was 15. I was jailbait! =:-O

At the time I thought I was just into older women, whereas now I'm the proverbial dirty old man, but the reality has always been that I am attracted to women in their twenties. It's only when I think about it or think about how other people might perceive my relationships that the issue of relative ages emerges and makes me feel weird.

Greta Christina

Thanks, Susie -- and thanks for tagging me! It was a fun game, if more intensive than most blog tag games. To answer your questions:

The billboard was in Oakland, it being an Oakland A's promotion. On Telegraph near MacArthur, if memory serves.

The whole movie "Pink Flamingos" was fairly upsetting (or the 20 minutes of it that I saw, anyway), but the scene that drove me out of the theater was the rape with the chicken beak. I was all upset about the fact that this woman was being horribly mutilated and possibly killed -- and people were laughing! How could they laugh at such a thing? Oh, I was so very, very young.

Alas, I don't have any photos of the Magritte costume, since we didn't have a working camera at the time. But there were people taking pictures at the party. If anyone reading this blog has a picture of the Magritte costume, could you please send one to me? Thanks!

C. L. Hanson

Thanks for tagging me. I've posted my response here:

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