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Well I'm pleased to see that 95% of the population would elect a female president. I'm surprised that slightly less would elect a black president and that Clinton has a strong lead, because I was always under the impression that sexism was more socially acceptable than racism: black advocacy and overwhelming leverage stifles debate, preventing people from making any prejudiced or racist suggestions (which, yes, is good in way). But such is not the same with feminist advocacy. I'm not sure why feminists decided to ignore misogynistic and sexist comments made in the media (television does not even censor the word bitch) or not to try to sway public opinion such that people would face the same pressure from saying bitch, whore, and cunt as they would from the word nigger or kike. I'm a black woman but have always been more touched by sexism than by racism for reasons like this. Do you think you could write about the ability of people to hurl epithets at women compared to their ability to hurl epithets at other oppressed groups, and also the issue of reclaiming slurs?

As far as atheism, that is still almost half the country who would elect an atheist president. It just goes to show the strength of religion, particularly public Protestantism in America. That's why Democrats had to pander to the right by having a Faith and Politics forum. I'm pleased that Clinton (and Obama) didn't actually say what they had faith in, just that they had faith. It could be faith in the basic goodness of humanity or reason for example. You should find comparisons to who people would elect of various religions. They would be reluctant to even elect a Mormon.


Well that's a good read..not as long as yesterdays but still good.

The only point I'd like to make is in regards the idiotic neo-con pseudo-religious right wingers and creationism: their utter failures at domestic and foreign policy do not inherently spring from their "religion." Not that you are saying this, but the person predisposed to dislike of religion could draw a connection between faith and absurdity that does not necessarily exist across the board.

But as the old saying goes, one bad apple spoils a bunch and people like Bush, the PNAC'ers and the Christian Coalition make a bad name for anyone who believes in God or creationism.

My personal guideline is to evaluate the idea, then the institution. It is a logical error to disregard an idea on account of the behavior of those in the institution that surrounds the idea.

Reminds of a bumper sticker I saw: "I love Jesus; it's the followers I'm afraid of!"



Greta Christina

You ask some good questions, SPF, and I don't know the answers. And I especially find it hard to speak about forms of bigotry that I haven't personally been a target of (like racism).

What I do think is that, while there are obvious similarities and overlaps, different kinds of bigotry often play out differently.

Example: I think there is bigotry against atheists, and if this Gallup poll is right it's worse in some ways that bigotry against women, queers, people of color. But for the most part, it doesn't play out economically. Not in the same way that sexism and racism do, at least.

And it's not immediately visible in the same way that race and gender and (sometimes) sexual orientation are. There's real bigotry against me because I'm an atheist, but it's not like I'm going to be harassed on the street about it.

BTW, Muslims are pretty far down on the list -- but still higher than atheists, by 10%.

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