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I also managed to get a first-printing. A friend found it on the shelf at a Borders in Orange County a few days after the first run had been completely depleted.

Apparently, they don't have a lot of interest in Alan Moore or good smut in the OC.

Damnably, I haven't had a chance to read it yet. My to-read list is way too long.

Greta Christina

Zak, you absolutely have to read Lost Girls. It is a reading emergency.

Also, I thought you'd like to know that your comment is the 1000th one on my blog. You should probably win some sort of prize. I'm not sure what, though. Anyway, congratulations!


Wow! I've never won a prized based on random fortune!

That seems like a prize in-and-of itself!

I'm currently breathing-hole-deep in writing, but when I can't make the words come out anymore tonight, I'll start in on Lost Girls. Alan Moore rocks my world like nobody's business. The Top Ten books he did are some of my favorite comics ever and From Hell is pure, undeniable art for the ages.

C. L. Hanson

I've heard of this series, and I'd love to get my hands on a copy. I'm a little daunted by the price, but I'll undoubtedly buy it eventually.

The dilemma you mention is one that I've contemplated at length with respect to my own work: I've written extensively about adolescent and young adult sexuality. And while my stories aren't all that graphic or erotic, they're explicit enough to raise some eyebrows.

But in my case (and possibly also the authors of Lost Girls?) it's a question of writing stories based on my own memories with the added perspective that comes from looking back. It has nothing to do with older people getting off on taking advantage of younger people. It's about older people contemplating their own past experiences and young people contemplating their present experiences. There are dramatic and compelling stories to be told of gaining experience that are fundamentally different from the stories about people who already have it.

It's a little unfortunate that our current society immediately casts suspicion on anyone who would write such stories. Sexuality is an important topic for teens themselves to be taking seriously, and narratives can be useful. It's also unfortunate because it means that propriety can cut people off from telling their own stories.

The latter point is similar to the reaction I sometimes get by writing about Mormonism as an apostate: some think that if you "leave the church" then you should "leave it alone" and have no business writing about it. But I have stories to tell, and how can I help but build them from the raw materials of my own experiences?


It took me longer than I expected to have time to read it, and then it's taken me even longer to have anything coherent to say about it, but I've read it now.

I'm of the opinion that From Hell is one of the monumental pieces of comics art that will be considered a classic for the ages... Lost Girls is better. For me, it was a more effortless redefinition of the the pieces it was put together with than From Hell was.

By the end of it I was just gobsmacked for days. I still am, really. But hot damn is that some kinda work.

I think he got a bit over-polemical here and there, and goodness, I think there might be one or two taboos he left out, but in the face of what's accomplished the legitimate complaints feel churlish to describe as flaws. It might be better simply to say that it's a work very much of its creators.

In short: wow.

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