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Talk about Super Chicken! "When you find yourself in danger; when you're threatened by a stranger; when it looks like you might take a lickin'...Buck buck buck buck-aahh!"

What could that thing have sounded like?

The whole thing makes me happy too, which makes me wonder: Why?

Why does it make us happy when some nerd out in the desert finds evidence of a new dinosaur or prehistoric animal? Some of it is that this creature is one of the goofiest-looking beasts ever to peck and claw. But I even grin when someone finds a fossilized imprint of some micro-organism from millions of years earlier. Why?

Nurse Ingrid

I'm right there with you, Rebecca. I love this stuff. I was also all over the recent discovery of a piece of amber that contained a 100 million year old mushroom, and that within the mushroom was a rare old parasite, and within the parasite was another rare old parasite. That was way cool. And I'm not just saying that because the amateur fossil collector who discovered it also happens to be a registered nurse...

And I think the giant chicken needs to be on Cute Overload!

Chris S

Sleep in late, Don't be the worm!

Mr McUgly

Awesome. I wonder what it tastes like.

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