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What I don't understand is... how can these so blatantly exist? I thought that the UK had the Spanner Law which made all S&M (even consensual) illegal? Not only that, but isn't prostitution illegal in the UK? Wouldn't advertising this service for a real encounter (instead of just phone sex) be a way too easy way to get yourself shut down and in jail? I mean, all they'd have to do is pick up a card, call the number, book an appointment, show up, and slap cuffs on the working gal. Oh... in a real, you're-actually-getting-your-ass-hauled-off-to-jail way, not in the sexy role play way.


It has been a few years since I was in London, but when I was there they were all over the phone booths. It may be illegal but you could not avoid them if you tried. I grabbed a whole bunch of them and was using them for notecards for maybe a year afterwards.


There is no "Spanner law"; the Spanner folks were charged with "assault occasioning actual bodily harm", as they played fairly heavy. In UK law, there's a threshold of lasting injury which a person is not allowed to consent to. (Exactly how invasive medical procedures are legal is a subtlety I don't currently understand.)

Anyway, spanking doesn't reach that threshold. You are allowed to consent to common assault, which causes no significant injury.

As for prostitution, many jurisdictions have a very narrow definition of what constitutes "sex" for the purposes of prostitution. Selling titilation is fine as long as tab A doesn't go into slot B. Thus, professional S/M is completely legal.

Finally, if you read the web site, it's mentioned repeatedly that the prosecution was only possible because the participants videotaped the activity and admitted it when questioned (they thought it was all completely legal). If you want to do heavy SM in the UK, the subtext goes, keep your mouth shut and the police won't have the evidence to prosecute even if they want to.

So, now that people know the precautions to take, there's no serious barrier to whatever SM you like in the UK. Indeed, the original prosecution only started because the police thought they were watching a murder(!) and did a huge investigation. There was pressure to justify the expenditure by charging someone. Most cops don't care in the first place.


Um.. I made the previous post. I must have fumble-fingered the name field.

stephen gottlieb

Wow. This is a perfect example of why I read this blog. frequently witty and past edgy, all the way into totally raunchy. I agree Greta. those are masterfully made ads. I want to whack somebody on the butt just looking at them. and like you said, I guess I could!


Hey didn't I give you a set of these when I came back from England a while ago too? The saddest thing is that they were so appropriately placed in the old red phone boxes of which very few are left. Sigh.


Thanks, Eclectic. And now I know. :-)

C. L. Hanson

Is it okay to comment on such an old post?

This part made me laugh:

"Even when I'm making up sex fantasies for myself, I have a weird compulsion to come up with a plausible back-story before I get to the good parts."

That is so me. I always make up elaborate back-stories to frame my weird, kinky fantasies... ;)


I want to playing any british porn movie,

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