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"The evil men do lives after them, the good is often interred with their bones, so let it be..."

In our society it seems that the dead are forgiven their transgressions, their malice, forgotten. Nixon's dead, don't forget Watergate, Reagan's dead don't forget Iran-Contra, Ford's dead, don't forget the Warren Commission.

Perhaps our compassionate natures make us willing to forgive the dead their failures. But I don't think we should ever forget them.

I always think of the grieving family, those who loved the deceased must be sad. I have compassion for them.


The grieving family is mourning his passing. Someone mourned the passing of every hateful, cruel person to ever live, I suspect. But I certainly won't eulogize someone who hated me, felt I deserved to die because of who I love, stated that my dead friends deserved to die, blamed me for the death of 3000 Americans, and expected me to burn in hell for eternity.

When he lived, his friends and family supported him in his cruelty, hatred and intolerance. They didn't pity me the loved ones I lost, and I don't have pity to spare for them now.

Maybe there are a few people out there who loved him as a person, but hated his actions and words. Maybe they challenged him daily in an effort to get him to change his mind, or at least shut up. Well, better them than me.

As for the man himself, Falwell is just lucky that Hell is a myth.

Bill Brent

"We still attribute to the other fellow all the evil and inferior qualities that we do not like to recognize in ourselves, and therefore have to criticize and attack him, when all that has happened is that an inferior 'soul' has emigrated from one person to another. The world is still full of bêtes noires and scapegoats, just as it formerly teemed with witches and werewolves."
— C. G. Jung, Civilization in Transition, p. 130; quoted at: Projection of the Shadow


I didn't agree with his views. I can only wonder if he is facing a big surprise on the nature of the afterlife right now, (or in deference to atheists, lack of afterlife which would be also surprising, if he were still able to be surprised)

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