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Chris S

I have experience the same type of joy and wonder and dancing and consciousness myself

Mike P

It really is amazing. Especially when you think that all the heavier elements in our body were once part of a supernova somewhere and that the only reason we are complex is because of the mechanism of natural selection. It really is hard to get my mind around sometimes

nina hartley

I absolutely agree with you, Christina! I'm a life long atheist but, with parents who began practicing Zen Buddhism in 1969, I understood that "joy," "happiness," "peace," "love" were all states of being that were attainable through meditation. In Zen that meditation is zaaen, or "sitting meditation," and I early on used dance of all kinds for that purpose.
When I got older I found Betty Dodson's book and began using sexual energy as my "way in" to myself and, like you, found that ecstacy, joy, love, abundance, etc., were physiologic states that could be accessed through many doors: fasting; meditation; self-flagilation; twirling (as in Sufism); psychoactive drugs; chanting; drumming; dancing; prayer; singing and, most universally, sexual pleasure and orgasm.
No wonder the powers that be want to keep little children from touching their genitals! We'd all see that we can talk to god anytime we want to, simply by touching our vulvas and penises, breathing deeply and paying attention to what feels good. Too easy.
These feelings eminate from our mid-brains and the limbic system. They have no words or images associated with them, they simply are. It's our pesky forebrains that must label every sensation and thought that comes through. So religiously indoctrinated people would lable it "god," and I would lable it "good."
All these people seeking god, when he or she is at the end of our arms and the junction of our legs, there for the knowing.
And that's why religion spends so much time obsessing on sex and sex pleasure-they need to keep up the lie that the average person needs an intermediary between him and god, and the priest class is that go-between. If more people found joy on their own, the church might go out of business.
Hmm, it's an idea . . . .

John P

I get these transcendent experiences often. However, I envy your ability to remember them. Usually, the feeling passes, I think "I must remember that", and then I don't.

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