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Damn, you found the FUN bits of Reno. I went there with some straight friends, with the promise that it was fine if I didn't want to gamble. In fact, I was told, that's the idea - mooch on all the cheap hospitality provided to distract the gamblers.

So I went - and my friends were shocked that I didn't feel like gambling AT ALL. I didn't put 5 cents into a slot machine. (Hey, if I want flashey lights in random patterns, I'll run a screen saver.)

But it looks like you found lots better places to visit. (Albeit maybe more expensive; this was a starving student vacation so we were watching the free circus at the casino of the same name and such like.)

But I wonder if there's a rationality connection. If the $1 slots are run at 96% expected return (they were advertising some numbers vaguely in that ballpark; it's been a few years), then one "game" costs me 4 cents, on average. With a high variance, which means I'm risking a lot more if I don't intend to play it often enough to get the averaging effect. And it just wasn't worth that much to me; I could see the blinky lights just fine when someone else was playing.

But it was all rather entertaining if I stepped back from the situation. Friends shocked that I told them the truth!

Bill Brent


"Here's what I did instead. I took a pull on a one-dollar slot machine. I won five bucks on my first pull. And I walked away. I took the money and ran. I quit while I was ahead.

"And I spent the rest of the weekend gassing on pompously about how I'd quit while I was ahead.

"Which was WAY more fun than actually playing."

Me: Yep. Exactly. GMTA.

--tiresome Bill


Sorry that your topless girls had no feathers. We managed to actually see Topless Feather Girls (as my wife calls them), but only by seeing the show where the theme was...(drumroll) showgirls.

Mmm......self-referential and naked!

On the other hand, your food was clearly better.

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