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we don't actually know if there are things we'll never know. we could find out upon death.

Greta Christina

"we don't actually know if there are things we'll never know. we could find out upon death."

True. Theoretically, almost anything could happen to us upon death, including finding out all the things we don't know. It's pretty hard to prove otherwise -- death and dead people are kind of ornery that way. Do think that this scenario might happen, or that it's likely or plausible? And if so, what makes you think that?


This reminds me of an analogy in "Hyperspace" by Michio Kaku. He explains higher dimensions by imagining a world of fish living in a pond. They have their fish politicians, fish teachers, fish janitors, etc. Whole little fish world. One day it starts to rain. The fish scientists look up at the surface of the water and see round shapes (or however rain looks from underwater). They study it and come up with theories about the shapes and how and why they are formed. They make predictive models and generally form an understanding about the nature of rain. Of course, they have no concept of a thundercloud, or the actual origins of rain. We're like those fish.


A scan of the New Yorker article is available here:

Josh Thomas

I have been searching the internet looking for the answer to a simple question.. On which day did god create the international date line?? Now obviously the answer is that there needn't be on for when he created the earth, it was flat and held up by pillars of water, therefore when the sun went down then came back up again 12 hours later, it was the morning of the 2nd day, well, technically the 4th day, since he didn't create the sun till the 3rd day, but these are minor technicalities I suppose, given that so many find it so easy to believe in the bible even though it says the earth is flat and supported by more water. So I guess that's my question, what is a believers rationalization to the obvious first fallacy (that being to the foundation to the bible itself) that the earth is flat and the fourth morning is the fourth morning everywhere?

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