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Buck Fuddy

I have to admit that I'm ambivalent about "domestic partnerships" and "civil unions" and other similar legal constructs designed to afford same-sex couples some/most/all of the legal benefits of marriage without actually allowing them to marry.

I mean, good for them for making the effort to do away with some forms of discrimination. Heath insurance coverage and legal standing and adoption are important, and I'm glad that same-sex couples are "allowed" to have these things in some states. That's a good thing.

Here's what bugs me though. I have no reason to believe that the love that same-sex partners feel for each other is any different from the love that heterosexual partners feel. I have no first-hand experience in this area, being terminally hetero, but call it a hunch. I just have this sense that human beings feel real, human love for their partners regardless of their sexual orientation. To deny that, I feel, would be to imply that some people are not fully human, wouldn't it?

Now, I'm not a marriage expert or anything, but isn't marriage supposed to be all about love? Isn't that the point? So what does the sex of the partners have to do with it? That's just a matter of what's in our pants. Marriage is supposed to be about what's in our hearts.

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