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Buck Fuddy

That is why I love gay men. I never would have thought of that in a million years, but it's just the perfect comeback!

I hope it's safe to assume it was a gay man who wrote that. If not then I guess I'd be even more impressed.

Lisa Roth

After reading this I think I need to have a banana and peanut butter sandwich right now! I feel so evolved!

nina hartley

Is this for real? The banana guy really doen't know how he's perceived by non-beievers? He really believes this? And the peanut butter guy? I'm just gobsmacked that they can do this with a straight face.

I'd have to laugh if it weren't so fucking frightening and enraging. To think that folks like this are in charge of anything, much less the government and its institutions, just makes my head spin. It just boggles the mind. What non-"arguments" they put out there.

Love the anal sex comeback, btw. Penises really DO fit well into anuses, I've found, as well as the occasional dildo. So well, in fact, that one might think they'd been designed for that very purpose!


And God gave men balls to keep the dick from slamming too far up the buttcrack! We're not worthy, we're not worthy!


The videos are fantastic. Five years ago, when I lived in Canada, I would have found them hilarious.

I've spent the last five years living in small town Indiana and Ohio. I presently live about 30 minutes from the "museum" of creation.

It is NOT funny anymore. Religion is a serious problem in America. It is mental poison, well packaged for children. To me, watching this poor man explain his banana theory is like watching a Parkinson's patient slur his words. At least Parkinson's leaves you a chance to really use your mind for a few years. This banana guy... I have only pity for a mind reduced to such mush.

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