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For what it's worth, Daniel Radcliffe created an intermediate transitional role for himself on the latest (as I write this) episode of the HBO series Extras. In this episode he plays a version of himself who constantly comes on to older women in an extremely inept and juvenile fashion. Then when his efforts fail and his mother comes looking for him, he affects shock at how his elders are attempting to corrupt him.

I've never seen an entire adolescence crammed into half an hour before.

Bill Brent

Well, the first thing I thought was, "Damn, NICE nips!"

Then I scrolled down and thought, "Wow, she's really a fox, too!"

But then, I've never seen a Harry Potter movie. Strange but true.


Greta Christina

"For what it's worth, Daniel Radcliffe created an intermediate transitional role for himself on the latest (as I write this) episode of the HBO series Extras."

I saw this! It made me fall off the sofa, I was laughing so hard. The bit where he's trying to prove what a stud he is with the ladies by pulling out the condom he carries around -- already unrolled and ready to use... well, if any of you have HBO, you have to see this. It was one of the funniest things I've seen all week, and this has been a good week for funny things.


America. only in a nation with it's head this far up its ass could people who have no difficulty identifying a zygote as a human being have so much trouble dealing with the sexual maturation of the same human being.
Americans seem to be the only nationality that reacts in this manner. shock and horror that puberty arrives and departs for children. I have tried to raise my daughter with the clear idea in my head that one day she would be a woman. This is more complicated even than it seems, at least for me. It strikes me that very few people admit to themselves that one day their children, or any children for that matter will be adults. I mentor for adolescents and see this all the time. the only solution I can come up with is don't bullshit them, and you will have less trouble bullshitting yourself. unfortunately along with heavy industry equipment and entertainment, bullshit is America's primary export.

Beth Terry

It's no surprise that the actor who played Harry Potter is debasing himself further in this latest role. I'm sure Becky Fisher, the director of Kids on Fire Summer School of Ministry, would not have been surprised. As she says in the movie, Jesus Camp, "And while we're on the subject, let me say something about Harry Potter. Warlocks are enemies of God. And I don't care what kind of hero they are, they're an enemy of God. And had it been in the old testament, Harry Potter would have been put to death." So really, what's a little nudity for an enemy of God?

Jane Shaffer

This conversation actually reminds me of an episode I saw of Dr. Phil once. (No, I don't watch Dr. Phil regularly, but I was with friends who are parents to a young child). Some mother was whining about how she had to bribe her child to get him to do what she wanted and Dr. Phil responded, "What kind of person is she going to be if you keep that up? (turns to camera) Remember, you are not raising children, you are raising adults." I thought that was kind of cool.

Our (American) culture condones the blaming of everything, but the parents, for the corruption of our children. Raising a child (or an adult) well is extremely hard work, particularly in these days without only one working parent and a nanny. People, who are not up to the task, tend to have them anyway. Then it becomes Disney's fault for having gay nights at their parks, or Daniel Radcliffe's for making a brilliant career move, that their child ends up without any understanding of personal responsibility.

I also know many amazing parents (mostly people who had them in their mid-30s, when they were mature enough) and have watched them become so exhausted that I was seriously worried about their health, but those kids are going to be very cool people one day. Perhaps people should start freezing their eggs and sperm when they are teenagers, so they can wait until they are either ready or realize they don't want children.


Yesterday, I heard a joke:

"My dick hangs down two inches...from the floor!"

It's a lot funnier if you hear it told by a 4'10", 13-year-old girl. Really.

That was right before she tried to give another girl a lapdance.

And a week before, I heard a ten-year-old boy I know tell his brother that he was going to shave his balls.

It seems to me that the myth of childhood innocence is only believed by those who don't actually know any kids. Except that some of these "won't somebody think of the CHILDREN?" freaks claim to have children who they claim to be protecting.

Which leaves me with just one question:

"Have you MET your kids?"

Laura Deal

Two teenagers who took nekid pictures of themselves having a bit of fun have been charged for making and possesing child pornography...of themselves....will no one protect the children from the children!?!?!?!?!?!????!!!!!!!

check out the story at mother jones

Sex Toys

That's a great blog! Keep up the good work!

(URL removed due to obvious commercial content - GC)

He is now becoming an adult (if I'm not mistaken, 17 is the age of adulthood and consent in England).

For the record, the UK age of consent is 16, but full legal adulthood is generally seen as being 18; that's when you can vote, and in more personal terms, it's the age you can marry without your parents' consent - you can marry at 16 or 17, but they have to agree. (You can marry without parental consent at 16 in Scotland, but Radcliffe's English.) So 17 is over the age of consent, but not fully adult.

I say this not to weigh in on any particular side, but just in the interests of accuracy.

Timothy (TRiG)

So Daniel Radcliffe is a Prisoner of Pollyanna.


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