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Bill Brent

It was fun to read your lists. At the moment, I'm too full of writerly New Year's angst, or I'm sure I'd say something clever, witty, and provocative.

My personal favorite was your article on your "writer's process." I definitely need to re-read that one.


Jane Shaffer

I think your Katrina post was so thorough that there was nothing else to say. We all just nodded our heads at our computer screens and said, "Yup, that's it."

Laura Deal

I agree about the Katrina thread, especially since it lends weight to your theory that I killed the blow job thread by being clear and articulate and not because my reply was so fucking long nobody could finish reading it and therfore never got around to writing their own comments.

Of course, the length of that last sentence tends to add weight to the second theory ;-)


I would hate to see your top 10 list show up on next year's top 10 list, so I'm not going to comment. Go that? No comment.

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