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Bill Brent

As you might know, Greta, I lived down the block from that armory for over six years, when I managed the 14th St. house party space. Also, I parked my minivan in a garage on that alley running along the back of the Armory ... frustrating, yes, seeing that building up close several times a week, having your "what a waste!" reaction.

I wonder how earthquake-proof it is, with all that brick, but like nearly anything else in SF, I guess it's a bit of a dice toss. Glad to hear that landmark building is going to get see some action, in any case!


Seth Munter

I, too, would love to see be successful in their planned renovation.

Given the history of community revolt whenever plans for this site are proposed, how long do you think it will take to complete their remodeling?

I hope it's ready by the time you're 50 :-)

Greta Christina

"Given the history of community revolt whenever plans for this site are proposed, how long do you think it will take to complete their remodeling?"

According to, the place will need minimal remodeling -- it's pretty much ready to go for their purposes. They say they'll be ready to start shooting in a month.

Actually, I wonder if this is the reason was able to buy the place when nobody else would. They don't have to do extensive renovating. They wanted the place more or less as is -- which wasn't true for the condo converters or dot coms.

Ammy Hill

Well, it took them almost a month to figure it out, but the protests started today. Le sigh.

It's really a pity that these protesters don't understand the quality of work going on in the Kink organization. Where so much porn is seedy and tawdry, Kink hires professional film crews and pays union wages. I know several perfectly ordinary San Franciscans who work or worked there quite successfully in production or administrative roles and wouldn't remotely classify the work at dead-end or violent. Not everyone is such a prude as to instantly judge all porn as negative. I like to think that San Francisco is the kind of town where we can welcome people's sexual diversity. I for one am happy to see the Armory building put to good use by an organization that respects the grand old structure rather than allowing it to fall into an ever advancing state of disrepair.


"Won't somebody please think of the Junkies!"

Well someone had to say it.

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