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Annie Sprinkle

Beautiful photos. Happy anniversary. ISn't love just grand? Glad you've got more than your share here.

All the best. XXX Annie

Chris S

Happy Anniversary !
It looked like tons of fun.


>Ingrid's cousin Corrie, and our volunteer wedding co-ordinator. No possible way we could have done this without her.

Amen! I always have three pieces of advice to give to people embarking on this particular journey, and having a person qualified to hold (and tap impatiently) a clipboard is the first one. (The other two are: Assign someone to remind you to eat, and throughout the whole process keep reminding yourself why you are doing this.)

All best

Jocelyn Reynolds

Aw ..... how sweet! Happy Anniversary, you two!! I loved looking at the photos, and it was also a hoot to remember what a wonderful event it was, and what a great crowd of wonderful people came to share it with you! Well done!
All the best, for, well, ever!
love, Joss

Alan Winston

Joss pretty much said what I had to say. Wonderful event, wonderful crowd, wonderful fun; real community gathering, and exciting and moving to have your friends - not your random workmates or your necessary neighbors, but a party full of friends who care about you - there to celebrate. I totally dug getting to call dances for that group, and being able to contribute to the evening. Thanks for having me; have me call dances at your 50th anniversary party.


-- Alan

Donna Gore

This is beautiful and thanks so much for sharing it. You are both absolutely radiant!

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