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I saw her obit in the brief moments I had online at a netcafe Tim and I stopped at on the way home from Worldcon.

Her papers and art are going to the University of Oregon, and Jean Sirius, her executrix, mentions there's a memorial fund in support of which:

Virtually all of Tee's estate will become the property of the University of Oregon, Special Collections and University Archives in the University of Oregon Libraries.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in Tee's name should be made payable to Tee Corinne Fund, with "Tee Corinne U of O Libraries" in the memo line, and should be mailed to the Library Development Office, 1299 University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403-1299.

Jean's definitely on my Thank You list.

farewell, Tee; thank you.

But I wanna know, seriously: did any of the readers of this weblog ever COLOR in a copy of their cunt coloring book? tear out a page and frame it on the wall? (ever see a copy in person, own one still?)

So much love and thanks to those who are paving the way.

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