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Bill Brent

Simon's comparing herself to Olivier is a bad idea.

Perhaps it's apocryphal, but there's a famous story about how method actor Dustin Hoffman stayed up for two consecutive nights to prepare for filming a scene in *Marathon Man* in which he is supposed to be absolutely exhausted. So he shows up for filming looking like shit, which prompts Olivier to ask him what on earth is going on.

So Hoffman explains, whereupon Olivier sniffs, "You might try *acting*."


Seth Munter

I think one of the things that makes SM hot is that pain brings us into the present. Just as pain helps Simon avoid the internal dialog ("what can go wrong") we call stage fright, so does SM bring me and my partner into an intensly present awareness where there is no distraction from connection and intimacy.

As for the horn section, that's just kinky.


Oh lord, I'm going to see Sinister Dexter play this afternoon, and they have a HUGE horn section, and what will I be thinking?

Thanks a whole lot, Greta!

Of course, it's really the drummer who has some great implements. Someday I want to do a scene that only involves items you can buy at the music store...

Dan W

If Carly Simon needs me to spank her soundly until she can go on stage, well, I guess I'll just have to give it my best effort.

Yeah, it's hot.

Jane S

I've worked with a lot of performers in my time and there is an enormous variety of weird pre-show rituals to assuage stagefright. Carly's is one of the kinkiest I've heard of, but I know a dancer who kneels down, kisses the stage, stands up, spins around three times and grabs his crotch before stepping onto the boards. For those of us who do experience stagefright, anything that works is the usually the guideline.

Dan, if you get tired, let me know and I can take over spaking Ms. Simon for you.

James Angus McAninch

It's hot that anyone can use the endorphins to mix up a mind stew of erotica...

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