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This reflects what I am always thought is the proper role of government and my big concern with Republicans, Libertarians, and the like


I worked with the credit problems of the Katrina people in LA. It irritates the heck out of me when people, such as our "esteemed" leaders in DC say that the unfortunates in the New Orleans area did not try hard enough. I challenege people everywhere to ask themselves IF Katrina or whatever natural catastrophy occurred 3,2,1,NOW- what type of social contract you would expect to be honored by DC whose leadership reaps MEGA profits , while cutting their own taxes.

Jimmy Crummins

My own observations are that what government "should be" are very different to different people.

Generally speaking, the more power you give to government to correct social injustice, the more social injustice it will inflict (although it may well correct those injustices you were concerned about as well). The more power you give government to level economic inequialities, the more avracious its taxation behavior will be.

We live in an imperfect world. Giving government more power in order to enhance individual freedoms I find somewhat oxymoronic.

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