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Congratulations! Now we can fnord start blaming your devious plans for all kinds fnord of things. I'll start with the dent in my milk carton. That's definitely your fault. Also fnord global warming, outsourcing and flat tires.

Or maybe since you are one of the "erotic illuminati," I can only blame you for erotic world problems. That lube shortage we keep hearing about: your fault.

Heather Shaw

You totally rock, Greta. Congrats!


all is as it should when do you get your golden pyramid? viva dispornia!


I meant to send you a link to that. I'm glad you found it. :)

Dan W

Congratulations on your promotion up from the Erotic Knights Templar!

Me, I'm still working on my membership in the Erotic Demolay.


Congratulations, O Glowing One!

I actually got to hear Robert Anton Wilson riff on about synchronicities around the number 12, a bunch of years ago at Pantheacon. (He's the guy who with Bob Shea, gave us the Illuminati! trilogy wherein he went off on the number 23, global conspiracy theories, and the rest of it). I think he has more fun with it all than anyone really has the right to.

Luca Talbot

I work for the Skulls and Bones >> 322, I helped plan and implement several attacks on 'we the people.' Yet the Skull and Bones do not know I work for the Illuminati, 'the infinitely enlightened' and we are planning an attack of our own on them. The Skull and Bones will soon lose their power over the people, and will have to stop the tyranny, deceit, fear mongering and war propaganda. We the people will be free to live in peace, prosperity and happiness once again, as our fore-fathers and mothers wanted.

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