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For future reference, All Pets Hospital is open on Saturdays and SF Veterinary Specialists provide emergency services 24/7. Do you know if the dolphin made it or not?

When I was about eight, I dreamt that burglars broke into our apartment. While they were busy stealing things, they knocked over my aquarium, which smashed to pieces. I spent the rest of the dream trying to fill enough drinking glasses with water for all the fish before they died.

Greta Christina

I'm pretty sure the dolphin wasn't going to make it. By the end of the dream (when we finally had Marine World on the phone), it was still alive, but it had filled up with gas to almost twice its normal size. But thanks for the tip about the vets. I'll try to keep that in mind next time this happens.


Poor dolphin!
I like the dream of having a big-enough-for-dolphins pool in the back 40, however.
How will the other dolphin take it?


It was the weekend for animal-related stress dreams.

Last night I dreamt that our new kitten's original owners showed up to reclaim her. In real life, we got her from the SPCA and, previous to that, she was feral, so no real previous owners. In the dream, Annye created a distraction while I attached the kitten in a box to the back of a motorcycle and escaped. The rest of the dream was taken up with guilt and trying to decide if we should return the kitten to her rightful owners or not.

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