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Susie Bright

Well, Shrek at Number 3 says it all.

This list was created for ten year old boys who've only seen a couple dozen movies. It's so obviously insincere. What's the byline? I suppose they're too ashamed to reveal themselves.

You know, you have to protect yourself from this crap. It's like turning on the TV and torturing yourself with the advertising!


What irks me the most about this list?

I'll tell you what irks me the most about this list. It doesn't even have the sole saving grace of most "Top 100" lists, that of arrogance, of telling me that the writers of it think they know better than I do.

It's not willful ignorance, it's salesmanship. How many copies of "Some Like It Hot", and at what price, do you think they're selling these days?

This list is obviously meant for people to take along to Blockbuster when they're out of ideas. "Oh, here's one we haven't seen!"


BTW, I borrowed Chaplin's "Gold Rush" from the library for my kids a while back (the boys are 8 and 10). Literally, I mean literally, rolling on the floor laughing. These are kids who have been bombarded by media for years, and Charlie had them in *tears*. They were amazed. They want more.

Never give up hope.

Alan Winston

I didn't see this special - I manage to miss a lot of stuff on TV I _want_ to see - but my girlfriend - who sees a _lot_ of stuff on TV while recovering from chemo - saw it and was fuming about it in *exactly* the way you are.

The extra lame thing about this is that the American Film Institute has been making "100 best X of the century" specials that really are of the 20th century, with historical awareness and everything; this is just an attempt to gain unearned cred from those.

(Now, there are some pretty decent movies on this list, but the idea that you can do a "100 funniest movies evah" that includes lame remakes of actually funny movies ("Father of the Bride"), multiple Jim Carrey movies, multiple Ben Stiller movies, etc, suggests that their methodology was to hang out at the mall with a clipboard and ask people for the name of the funniest movie they'd seen in the last 12 days.

Tell me what about it irks you the most!

How many of them I've seen -- I vainly pride myself on being outside the mainstream, yet somehow almost half of them made it into my viewage (counting the two I walked out on). Some of them truly are funny, but some are not only not (especially the two I walked out on) but I'm not even sure they're comedies -- Election? Broadcast News? Funny in spots, but that's not why they were made, and certainly not the funniest movies ever.

Jane Shaffer

What irks me the most is that I work with a lot of 18-34 year olds and many of them are seriously lacking in cultural education prior to, say, 1990. Like you say, how about something before 1960? Did people not have senses of humor before then?

A coworker and friend of mine, who is in his 40s, was just discussing the merits of the new James Bond movie with a coworker in his late 20s. The elder coworker said something like, "It was based on the first book" and the younger one said, "There are books?" I blame Top 100 lists for this.

Laura Deal

Somone told me they were in a bookstore and witnessed someone picking up a copy of Grey's Anatomy and saying "There's a book out now?"

Jon Berger

This is vaguely reminiscent of the origin of Richard Thompson's "Thousand Years of Popular Music" CD -- which is really worth a listen, by the way. Apparently, the project came about in 1999 when some big magazine, possibly Playboy, polled a bunch of well-known musicians for their ideas about the "best popular music of the millennium," to be featured in an article in early 2000. Thompson realized that what they really meant was "best popular music of the last 50 years or so," but being the iconoclastic sort he is, he took them at their word, and compiled a list of his favorite pop tunes from the Dark Ages forward. They completely ignored his entry, of course, but having put in all that effort, he then went on to make the CD, so it wasn't a total loss.

Ok, my pet irk is that there's just no way "Something About Mary" should be on this list at all, and the number-4 spot is just ridiculous. Ben Stiller has made some great movies -- I think "Flirting With Disaster" richly deserves a spot on the list, for example. But he's also made some serious stinkers, and they don't get much more embarassing than "Mary," in my humble opinion.

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