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Susie Bright

Interestingly, there was just a convention in SF this past weekend about computer video games and sex... the first of its kind. Pornographers and gamers on the panels, plotting and arguing. And from all reports I've heard, the main dirge, said over and over again, is that women do not respond to visuals.

Why does this pig still fly? Women are intensely visual! My god, the whole fashion industry is based on women's visceral appreciation for "stuff that looks good".

Your story is great, but why do people cling to the reverse? why is it important to have faith that women are sexually blind?


Great to see Greta writing about smut again. Whatever she writes is always intelligent and thought provoking, and sometimes it is outrageously hot, too.

The idea that people invent their own stories for visual porn seems so true.
I have seen the same image put up in Yahoo groups for totally different kinks, often with captions that indicate the posters own totally different stories. I guess this is the smut equivalent of "rip, mix, burn".

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