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This is rather more detailed than my idea - but I confess I felt a bit chagrined to see this...since I'd wanted to make an "Alien Autopsy" cake for several years. A friend of mine is (tongue-in-cheek) rather into all the UFO/X-Files-y stuff out there, and additionally, he enjoys baking goofy themed items. So an alien autopsy cake would have been perfect for him. Ah, sigh at what could have been, I guess...

Susie Bright

Jon will love this... might even take it to his cardio nursing class. thank you!

Greta Christina

I think you should do the alien autopsy cake anyway, 2fs. After all, there's nothing new under the sun -- everything we do is a reworking of stuff that's been done before, and that doesn't make it not original if we do it with our own spin, or not worth doing. And I want to see the photos!

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