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So is that what all that art stuff meant? Very cool. I really love your take on the jumble of boxes...all the pieces actually. I hope to make it to MOCA. It was so great to see you. If anyone is interested in an out of town guest...Greta's a great one to pick up. Mi couch es su couch, Greta. Looking forward to the next LA museum tour, looks like you've pick out some good stops for us to peruse. xo Hayley

Susie Bright

I beg you, beg you, to skip the Getty. So preposterously awful. You have to ride in a Disney tram from the parking lot, and then you get to their absolutely abysmal curation.

What you MUST visit all day, and what you will never recover from, ever, and I will probably have to go down there and extract you bodily, is the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I don't even understand why you're not the president of the thing already.


I actually have been to the Jurassic. I loved it with a passion, even though a lot of the exhibits weren't working. I'm dying to go back -- and to take Ingrid.

And if the Getty sucks so bad, I'll skip it. I'll drag Chip and Hayley to the Watts Towers instead. But I'm curious -- what's so awful about the curation at the Getty?


Well oh my - I enjoyed getting to prowl the Getty for a whole day while Lise was in library-consortium meetings (on the grounds). I loved the grounds and the exhibits - but then I'm a sucker for illuminated medieval manuscripts, fossils in the walls and steps, gardens that show they're definitely sculpted by a local (it's a river! no, it's a sculpted container for flowing water!), but what I dragged Lise to at the end of her day was the Bill Viola installation at the time, Emotions. He shoots people, or scenes at about 170 frames per minute and plays them back super slow; framed art in flat panel screens that changes -- just about too slowly to watch, but definitely as you move about the gallery and then come back.
the tramway from remote parking is honestly the only way to handle traffic in and out of the place, and works like the air-tram at SFO. Sure it's "welcome to the Future" cute, but it's also plain practical.
I liked it.

But you must absolutely prowl down to Simon Rodia's folly, Nuestra Pueblo, or as folks generally call it these days, the Watts Towers.
Since it now looks to the state, there's been refurbishing money for it, but also a fence put around it (which is Utterly Silly but there you go), a right-on community center next to it; you pays your two bucks and you get your narrated tour and walk-around. The place cannot be captured in mere pictures, which of course does not at all keep one from trying:

I think we should take the Nettles and go dance there, just to drag Josie there for inspiration, and jump back and see what she makes next...

The humble littler Craft and Folk Art Museum sitting in the middle of the Miracle Mile is probably way too often overlooked, but I spent a fabulous morning there, prowling an exhibit of contemporary fiber artists' work, and an exhibit of modern native pacific northwest glass work from students past and present of the Pilchuck school of glass. It's the kind of place that might grab your attention for an hour or two, which makes its location good - if it doesn't suit, there's plenty of other museums to choose from. (It also opens earlier than the fancy-pants county museum, as I recall).


thanks for bringing up this blog!!! i got so interesting with art!!

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