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Wow that fucking deli meat slicer- what should we do??? I think the thing you and Ingrid should had thought about was- your parents owned one!!!!! Take it back and get an expresso machine and drink alot of it and get this fricking wedding planned. I have been too many a wedding lately it seems. Here in Michigan they want to get married before we get snowed in again lol!!- Solving world problems well I know the bloody answer to that- BUCK FUSH. Good Luck in your plans and congrats Greta!! I am a writer also but have had a fucking block for a year o i have been reading instead. I will read your new book- thanks again- Joannabelle in Michigan (formally a Texan YEE HAW)oh by the way- I am very sick with pnemonia and don't remember a word I just wrote-

stag sprey

stag sprey

göğüs büyütücühap

göğüs büyütücü

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