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Sex-Pos Fem

Wow, congrats. I knew you guys were on tou, but I didn't know you came all the way to my city of DC. How does your family feel about the book? What did you say in answer to book signing question? Also, I started my blogsite like a week ago and your review is up.


I wish I could remember my complete answer to the fetish question. Basically, I said that, while there was a huge amount of erotica about fetishes, there was almost none about fetishists. You can find tons of, say, pony-girl porn, but it's very hard to find porn about being a pony-girl fetishist, about what that's like in the real world. So that's short shrift of a kind. (I also said that I hadn't consciously intended for Dallas, the main character in "Bending," to be a positive role model for fetishists -- I just wanted her to be human and three-dimensional. Or something like that.)

Re my family: I'm asking them not to read this book, actually. I was okay with them reading "Paying For It," but not "Bending." Maybe that's a bit weird -- you'd think I'd be more freaked out by my family reading about my non-fictional sex life. But my porn is like this window into my libido and my sexual imagination (especially "Bending," it's like a giant picture window taking up a city block), and I feel like I have a loose but definite sexual connection with people who read it. And I don't want that with my family.

BTW, where's your blog again? I wanted to look it up, but couldn't find the link.

Sex-Pos Fem

Oh, I guess it would help if I had put the link up :)

Susie Bright popped my cherry! And Eric Albert said he would link it :)

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