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Tim Walters

Hey, you never know, what with 9 Songs and the like.

A quick tech tip: it's much more effective to make real links instead of just typing the URL, especially for the really long ones. You can do that by using the regular HTML link tags. I'd demonstrate, but it doesn't seem to work in the comments (probably you have HTML in comments turned off, my italics don't show up either).


Thanks, Tim. Yes, I suppose it's possible that my filthy little novella will hit the big screen. I'm already working on casting. I'm thinking Lindsey Lohan, Adam Sandler, and Paris Hilton for the three principles...

And thanks for the tech tip -- I've gone ahead and made the changes in my posts. As far as comments go, I have my preferences set so that URLs automaticall get converted into links, but that means commenters can't put in their own html. Not sure which is best; it's kind of a trade-off, one is better for techies,. one is better for non-techies. Thoughts?


Greta, I think you are a wee bit prejudiced in favor of Rocco Sifreddi. Of course there are other directors who are ready for piles of sex. The Hollywood Reporter thinks so, and so do I!

Lindsay Lohan???? But she's DISAPPEARING. you better get her cameo now.


Oh, I'm sure there are directors who might be ready to direct "Bending." I'm just not so sure there are actors who are ready to perform in it. But what do I know. Maybe this is just the vehicle Meryl Streep is looking for to inject some spice into her career...


Maybe the bad-girl actress from "Fucking Amal". I could see her knowing how to bend over a toilet.

Then once the movie comes out, you get the fanfic crossovers! That would be the best part! Harry Potter Bending (to Draco, Snape, Hermione, Voldemort, et al), Buffy Bending, etc.

Heh, sorry, I know that's incredibly wrong... Is my nerdhood showing?

- Liz


Oh, my God. Buffy/Bending crossover fanfic. I can't wait. In fact, an entire subset of my absurd "who do I want to star in the 'Bending' movie?" fantasies has been "Who from the cast of Buffy do I want to star in the 'Bending' movie?"

Now, Harry Potter/Bending fanfic -- that's just wrong. :-)


P.S. Although if he were 20 years younger, I'd seriously think about Alan Rickman for the male lead. I didn't get Snape as a sex symbol *at all* until I saw him in the first movie...

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