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I think it's all about context. Requests made in a sexual context can feel quite fraught, particularly if they're repeated- repeatedly saying 'no' to the same act, time and time again, EVERY time, would, frankly, really turn me off. And annoy me. It's not a fair situation and you're left with a person who obviously really, really desires a particular act right then, and getting guilt-tripped for saying 'no' to that.
I think that having a conversation every so often, in a non-sexual context is the way to go. It's often easier to talk about desires and boundaries when it's not about Right Now, and when your mind isn't clouded by oceans of hormones sloshing about the place. Then you can get into what it is you'd like to do, why you'd like to do it, what kind of a boundary that act is for you, whether you're ever likely to be interested in it, and whether (and when!) it's okay to bring it up in an actual sexual context.

Ow Lafaye

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Greta Christina: mind-blowing atheist.

Met you in your article; "Do You Care Whether the Religious Ideas You Believe in are True or Not?"

Already quoting you to friends and dreaming up a myriad of new bumper stickers...thank you. Ogden Lafaye

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