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Dylan Stafne

Do people actually use this argument against atheists?

Barnaby Dawson

Absolutely. I have heard this argument used so many times.


Anti-diversity? Wow. You know, at the very least, you do have to give these people credit for their amazing creativity :P


That argument drives me crazy. A good chunk of western Europe is largely atheist or wishy-washy-not-really-bothered religious, but the cultural diversity remains. And vastly different cultures emerge from the countries with the same religious beliefs; are Ireland and Italy to be considered tediously similar just because they both have a lot of Catholics?

If anything I'd say that religions are anti-diversity, because they want everyone to perform the same rituals and believe the same things and have the same opinions. The irreligious don't mind so much if you put up a tree or light a menorah or whatever, as long as you enjoy it and aren't hurting anyone.


Er, that sounded a bit contradictory. I think different cultures *do* emerge from countries with the same religious foundations, suggesting that religion is irrelevant to diversity. OTOH it seems to be the (not necessarily achievable) *goal* of religion to institute sameness.


The only real counter-answer I can think of, besides the courtier's reply that No One Really Says That, is that some people just-can't-help being religious, so insisting that they consider the alternatives is like insisting that someone with a lactose allergy just try some milk.

I actually have seen some arguments kinda like that from faitheists — "Oh, you surely don't mean that African Americans in the ghetto should drop their churches — they need them!" I find the attitude condescending. Nobody is too [whatever] for atheism.

Whenever I encounter yet another creationist, the first thing I think about is how depressingly short they are cutting themselves, not to mention their children. They really are smarter than their mere knowledge would suggest! I mean, just by being human, they are capable of so much more.

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