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"women have orgasms because men have orgasms" -- Greta Christina

Out of context that's even more entertaining than male nipples.


Arrggg... I work in this theocratic hellhole which is Saudi Arabia and they block Blowfish Blog....

All the more reason why we must fight religion, not only in the US but around the world.

And, as much as I hate to say it, as bad as Christianity is, Islam is INFINITELY worse!!!!


Was it an error, though?

What I understood you to be saying (and the scientist commenter missed it) was that IF homosexuality (1) is entirely genetic and (2) evolved because it provided a direct evolutionary benefit, the fact that fewer and fewer gay folks are biologically reproducing these days (because fewer are finding themselves in unfortunate closeted straight marriages) could well lead to the "gay gene(s)" disappearing from the gene pool. I thought you were referencing the fact--a fairly clear one, I think--that, in a gay-friendly society, gay folks' genes get passed on less frequently than straight folks' do.

None of which applies to spandrels.


Timothy (TRiG)

Pierre, I recommend Megaproxy.



I was under the impression homosexuality didn't evolve. It's natural variation of heterosexual populations and a mere reshuffling of heterosexual traits (or rather just human traits). How can men like other men? Well, there are those pesky women that like men. Women that like women? Well there is some proof of genetic concept there too with the men. Homosexuality isn't something novel that is sprung on a gene pool ex nihilo and neither did it develop via evolution. It's just a one shot deal that happens occasionally cuz its just not that far off the beaten path of the rest of our species. Same goes for the gay animals.

Right? Am I missing something?



I see that is the position the linked article took.

I am curious though why anyone feels the need to feel a part of the scheme of evolution? Is it really important to be left out of the grander scheme of things? It's not like you can guarantee anyone is necessarily contributing to the "next big thing" further down the line as far as evolution goes. No one can definitely claim that and even if they could, it would take so freaking long to amount to anything it's hardly worth cheering for as an individual. Seems superfluous to what should constitute social praise and acceptance in the here and now.

Don't know if that means anything to anyone.



Oops and it looks like a biologist agrees with my above point as well. Here I am repeating everything. Great minds...

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