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Mike Hussein Haubrich

I will take a moment to plug my site, because the very funny songwriter Mandy Steckelberg sent me an e-mail (not spam, she's one of my readers) with the link to her new video "I Love The Gays." While she is playing around with the stereotypes, she is very clear that the discriminatory idea behind Prop 8 is motivated by fear and loathing of gays and lesbians. Here is a shameless plug of my take on the issue:

I Love the Gays. I include Mandy's video.

Rob J

On the topic of legislating morality, many of you may have seen this already but it doesn't hurt to watch it again.

There are many, many reasons to vote for Obama, but that alone guarantees my vote.


Don't forget that Yes on 8 means protecting religious freedom! ;D

Actually, stepping all over other people's freedoms does actually sound pretty religious to me.


If these bigots are genuinely keen to see marriage used for the 'proper' purpose of procreation, why don't they ban marriage for heterosexuals who can't have children? We have tests for that sort of thing, don't we? Since the dawn of civilization, marriage has been used for political and economic reasons, and not just for producing kiddywinks. Everybody knows that. Why so hysterical about gays? Perhaps because so many religions are a big dressing-up box for sexually confused and/or self-loathing individuals?


The problem with prop 8 is that we are allowed to vote on it at all. Rights are not things that should be voted on by the majority, and certainly not a simple majority.
What prop. 8 has shown is that we could have a proposition that outlawed divorce, or marriage between races, or anything that is covered under the state constitution.
This is a fundamental problem. We probably need to amend the state constitution so this can't happen, while still allowing the constitution to be amendable. Prop 8 has shown we are one well funded proposition from turning the clock back half a century or more.


Can non-Americans donate to the campaign? I'm Canadian and I think it sucks my American friends might not be able to marry whomever they love in their own country.

Greta Christina
Can non-Americans donate to the campaign?

Alas, no. But thank you so much for the thought. If you have friends or family in the US, you can ask them to donate, but you can't donate yourself. I'm very touched, though.

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