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C.S. Lewiston

I shouldn’t have read this excellent, well-thought-out piece which says everything that I believe and a bag of chips! Now I’ll NEVER be able to get to sleep tonight!

For the last 30-odd years, the Republican Party has been sousing itself on a cheap but potent rotgut called Old Fundamentalist. Last fall’s electoral trouncing ended their decades-long binge in a hurry and gave them a massive hangover. Even so, I don’t expect that the Republicans will be going on the wagon anytime soon - you know how hardcore drunks like to delude themselves!

Doug LAtto

Christianity is based around the idea that Jesus suffered on our behalf, and that he is the all-powerful and omniscient creator of the universe. But if he is all-powerful and omniscient, then being nailed to a cross wouldn't have phased him in the least. He could have prevented the nails from going into his arm, or laughed and said, "Fiddle-dee-dee, you can't hurt me!"

T. Sunshine Love

I love you. I love this article. I love your blog. You are amazing. I found you on AlterNet and I have been stuck reading for something like twelve hours now. Your voice makes me feel inspired and ashamed and proud and angry and triumphant all at once.Fucking amazing stuff. Thank you.


I saw this link posted by a friend on facebook. As someone who grew up in the church and has had some rather unpleasant experiences within the church, I identified with many of your arguments.

The most defining experience was in college when I was part of a Christian group. A roommate had taken advantage of me, and I, justifiably upset, wanted to kick her out. As most people do, I sought advice from friends, including those in the church. My parents said to kick her out, enough was enough, but my church members wanted me to forgive her and look past the issue. I'm sorry, but given how serious the situation was, how could you ask me to do that? I went with my gut and my parents' advice. What I learned was that you're only part of the group if you follow their advice and decrees. I was basically an outcast after that, and my roommate was the victim. In the end, I did forgive her as I don't hold grudges, but the situation was past the point of saving the friendship.

I disagree with many areas of organized religion, which is why I no longer attend church. To be told that my depression is the result of not doing God's will or of the devil was just too much. It couldn't possibly be because I went through some major changes and had a chemical imbalance that is easily corrected by medication.

While I am not an athiest as I do have a strong belief in God, I do not believe it is my place to tell others what to believe. Maybe I disagree with other religions, but I don't have to say they're necessarily wrong. I believe we have a choice in how we live our lives and it is not up to anyone else to tell us how to live. If we screw up, that's on us and no one else.

Greta (pretty name by the way), I appreciate your post and think you have some very good points. It's nice to see someone who has the courage to speak their mind. More people need to do so.

Jeremy Karaganis

You should write a book. It would be an interesting read. I agree with you on most of it, but I don't like the proving them wrong part. That's kind of mean. Let them believe what they want, just as long as they don't hurt anyone. Unfortunately, they are hurting people, so it has to be stopped. After that, they can believe what they want. Even if it's about an invisible man in the sky, who made earth, then people out of dirt, then made a women pregnant without conception, who gave birth to a prophet, who died, and then became a zombie. The invisible man also created humans to be flawed, then punished who didn't do EVERYTHING right. So he's kind of a dick. Then he tells people to hate, for no reason than because "it's his will". What is that even supposed to mean, that God is some kind of bully who hates people because they are different? Oh, yeah... I am also kind of ashamed at the size of my comment. some of theses big ones could count as two or three posts on my blog.

Grey Wolf

You have a right to be angry, but so do I. Please allow me to tell you a few things that make me angry.

I get angry when as soon as atheists hear me say "I'm christian", they feel it suddenly invalidates whatever I say then on.

I get angry when other christians (or atheists even) say I'm not a TRUE christian because I don't go to church anymore, or read the Bible cover to cover, or because I have some 'pagan' beliefs. I'll decide what I am and am not, thank you very much.

I get angry when atheists call me illogical or weak JUST because I believe in a higher power. They haven't even heard the rest of what I have to say yet!

I get angry when atheists tell me what I can and cannot believe. "All or nothing," they say, "You're just a cherry-picker. Therefore, whatever you say is invalid. Even if you have life experiences to explain it."

I get angry when people assume that their faith 'has it all', and that spiritual truth can only be found through ONE RELIGION ALONE.

I get angry when people tell me I'm going to burn in Hell because my perception of God is not the TRUE God.

I get angry because the faith shoved down my throat when I was younger causes me to fear God when I should love God.

I get angry when the atheism being shoved down my throat NOW causes me to feel belittled and stupid.

I get angry when I'm not allowed to talk to my extended family about my beliefs so I don't worry them or get myself into trouble.

I get angry when people assume I'm a bigoted extremist JUST because I believe in Jesus Christ.

I get angry when people scoff at me for meditating or taking a walk in the woods to find spiritual truth because, apparently, what I SHOULD be doing is sitting in a pew two hours a week and reading an interpreted translation of thousands of year old text.

I get angry when people refuse to consider that while the Bible was surely INSPIRED by God, HUMANS wrote it and that they may have added there own little twist.

So, while I am sympathetic, I have my own reasons to be angry. Please understand that many religious people have there own problems and that we are not the enemy. I personally have nothing against atheists and don't believe God does either. Being a good person is all that I think matters, in the end.


Kevin Colquitt

Dear Greta,

I love you (and not because you're a lesbian and I'm a hero-male);)

I want to express my gratitude for the eloquence and extensiveness of your thoughts regarding, "Why, we atheist are angry, and damn well should be."

I'm glad that you have collected these examples here and I also will bookmark and link to this blogpost/article in the future. I came here today because someone on Pharyngula had linked to it.

I also hope that you and your partner will someday be able to be married.


I'm so sorry your experience with Christians has been that... You are valid on so many of your points. I am a Christian and I make no apologies for that, I love my savior with passion and I try to serve Him even though I tend to fail..

I'm impressed seriously though by how educated you are, I disagree with several of your conclusions.. but again you have made some seriously accurate accusations against us Christians.

So, I'm sorry for what we've done to you personally.. I'm sorry that Christians didn't get the point was to love, not accuse or hate, scream, be hypocritical, show retarded bumper stickers or snazzy little t-shirts with quotes.. but the whole purpose was to just care about you and who you are.

Kasey Perkins

An amazing blog post. It really is a shame that all of these things are happy. By the way, I LOVED the pictures, they add a great touch.


I got on your site from the link "". This is dead nuts on. WOW!!!!


As long as anger comes from good logic, it is neither preventable nor evil. Be angry, but see that it is for the right reason. As it is, you do have many good reasons to be angry.

Steve Thomas

yes. yes. yes. yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! YESyes. YESyes. YESyes! YESyes! YESyes(WOOOooo-WOOOOOOOOOO!!)YESyesYESyesYesyes! YESyesyesyes! YESyesyesyes! YESyesyesyes! YESyesYESyesYESyesYESyesYESyesYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESyes yesyes! YYYEEEEEEESSSssssssssssssssssssss and four very happy-assed exclamation points.


Best. Atheist. Rant. EVER!!!


sounds like you need to take an anger management class or something. You should be able to find more information about it at your local church.


Well said. Unfortunately the amount of evolved human beings are far less than their religious counterparts. The more we atheists can make ourselves heard the closer we will be toward ridding the earth of all that superstious, primitive, i love my imaginary sky friend, bullshit! Keep it up.


Thanks! I bite my tounge far too often it is nice to hear someone say what I beleive. Keep up the god, I mean good work (ha jk) You Rock!


Yes. Fuck yes. God damnit son-of-a-bitch yes.

My girlfriend actually broke up with me because I am an Atheist. Why? Because your religion is so fucking right and I'm so fucking wrong? Fuck off.


ok this post rules and the points are very valid i to am an adiment atheist not to say i have no basis i looked at many religion and read many religious scripture but the contradictions within each book i read with it self showed me one thing that it was only written to serve the purposes of its writer at the time and hence had no validity at points i understand peoples need for religion to keep them from the fear of there own end but death is part of life and is needed i think. also the military part hits home with me being a marine myself i have been lying to those around me to keep from being persecuted for it constantly even my friends in the corps dont know i got to mass on sundays and i hate myself because i know more then alot of them people in there do and i dont believe what so ever but i write my letters home and take the little time just to relax
this is a very insightful post and i hope to find more like it and thank you for all you say for those of us who are forced by circumstance to say nothing

i hope one day you can marry your partner and i can at least let those around me know what i believe without prosecution but i fear that time is far from now


Wow, i'm glad that someone finally had the courage to stand up and speak completely openly on this subject.

a close friend of mine (the poster two comments up, i do believe) has fallen victim to the generic lable slapped on us just because we don't believe. I've witnessed much too much anguish that wasn't necessary just because an ignorant person came along and decided that fact and logic don't make enough sense.

I'm angry that believers will strictly adhere to the writings that homosexuality is a sin but choose to ignore the writings that it's ok to sell your daughter at the age of 15.

I'm angry that my closest friend was dumped because the girl was "genuinely worried about what will happen to his soul" just because he's an atheist.

I'm angry that very few believers will sit down with an atheist and have an actual conversation about what each believes is true. Yes, we may be angry, but that doesn't mean that we're any less human and should be treated any different than one who they sit next to in church.

Thank you for giving a voice to the unheard. I thank you for being completely honest and uncensored. I thank you for not worsening how atheists are viewed by disregarding the opposing view. You supported our views but also did give credit where it was due (even if not often).

I wish you only best.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.


As a rational citizen of the free world I just wanted you let you know that you're my fucking hero. Nothing makes me more irate than having to be told by a fundie that i'm going to burn in hell when they can't even prove the existence of their imaginary friend.

You're amazing.

I hope you don't mind I used a small fraction of this in a video blog.

I get angry about the fact that atheist regimes (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, etc.) killed more people in the 20th century than any regimes in history.


Let me start by revealing that I am a believer. I belong to a church which many who are reading this would label as extreme, repressive, homophobic, and a few other choice descriptions. That perception does not reflect reality, but because you are starting from a very different set of basic assumptions, I'm sure it seems that way to you. I totally respect your right to believe as you do and to express those beliefs as you see fit. Please respect my right to believe as I do and to express those beliefs as I see fit. I rarely get angry, not because there is no cause, but rather because I find it counter-productive. I deal with angry people every day in my profession. I can assure you that when a person vents their anger at me it never improves their chances of getting what they want. I'm not saying we should "bottle up" those feelings. That is also very destructive. But, it is possible to let feelings of anger go. Only when we deal with one another in a calm and non-confrontational way can we really find common ground and understanding. I wish I had more time to address some of the particular issues you raised. It really would be nice if I were independently wealthy. Then I could spend all my time interacting and exchanging ideas with folks like you. I'm sure that, in time, we could grow to understand and accept one another better. You are obviously someone who is thoughtful and concerned. That's a good thing, even if I disagree with you. Hopefully you'll be able someday to let go of some of that anger and we can work together to make this world a better place


I would add: I'm not only angry when believers attribute a healing to their god or prayer, but more angry at the fact that in so doing they deny the efforts of the doctors, nurses, and researchers that actually made it happen.

malcolm hovey

I am stunned, thank you, however I hope this has released some of your anger it is not a healthy emotion and the world needs people like you. Bush is gone the neocons havent

Jose Cohen

*Very* late to the party here, but I like this.

It needed to be said.

It needs to be read.

Well done.


I'm a Christian, and I'm angry about all of these things too.


A few brief things to say:

1. Children's brains are hard-wired for the same 3 things as everybody else's:

A. Survive
B. Reproduce
C. Take care of offspring
(Even if they are physically incapable of doing the latter 2 yet, they are hard-wired to give it their every effort.)

Nowhere on there is "trust adults" and I can tell you from experience it is not true. They are also not hard-wired to believe everything. The reason they believe this crap is adults hammer it into their heads, and they keep going like the energizer bunny all day and all night, beating the bullshit against their children's heads like they are trying to drive in a nail. (They are, just not a literal one.)

I know for instance I was and still am a huge skeptic of everything, and I have been since I was a child. I also have hated adults since I was a child, and for damn good reason. My exact quote from when I was 6:

"Adult and bigot are just about the same thing. The adults who are not bigots are LITERALLY 1 in a million. Save them, get rid of the rest in whatever manner is convenient."

Seriously, children are not designed to trust adults, they are taught to trust adults by the crack of the imaginary whip. This nail is driven into their heads with false authority, an adult's favorite hammer.

You can reach me at the YouTube account I share with my fiancee and her younger sister.


So, basically...barring your fellow "angry atheists," every person who makes a strong statement regarding his or her personal convictions regarding religion...pisses you off?


Bruce Gorton

I just read 24 pages of comments. I read Christians calling you a bull-dyke, I read Christians using the "But that's not me" defence, I read in essence, a whole lot of Christians giving you a whole lot of reasons to be angry.

And they wonder why you focus mostly on Christianity. Eish.

Me? I am angry at people who think that by harvesting organs from little kids while they are still alive - they will make the Muti stronger.

I am angry at people who threaten other people with violence for celebrating Valentine's day, or holding hands.

I am angry at people who think screwing a nine year old is okay because the prophet did it.

And I am angry with the Christians who set up "Charities" which act like aggressive marketing campaigns for their beliefs, who then go on about how Christians are more charitable.

At least when an atheist helps you it doesn't come with strings attached.


This was wonderful!!!

the green bastard

Calm down! No need to be angry about anything. The way I see it, simply put, is that way back thousands of years ago there were loads of religions that probably all thought they were the one true people, the real believers etc., just like today, and they probably all thought they were immortal and the world was always like this and it always will be like this - just like any member of any religion today.

Well, obviously those stone age religions aren't around any more because the things they believed in just seem stupid to us. We know the sun isn't a god, it's a star. But the religions of today are based on stuff that only relatively recently has been scientifically proved to be rubbish - the sort of deeply entrenched social structure religion has established can't just be overcome in a couple of hundred years. Look at it like this: In a thousand years when all today's religions are gone, atheists will be seen as the pioneers of the 'religious revolution' (ha ha), and the theists will be seen as old fashioned idiots, in the same way we look back on the people when they refused to believe the earth wasn't really flat.


Like Rage said" Anger is a gift".
good stuff, I like your fire. Fuck Yes!


Thank you for articulating this so clearly. I appreciate it; my views are with yours.


Keep writing and making the world a better place <3


Hey there,

I "stumbled" on to your blog like some others who have commented. I just want to tell you how awesome it was reading your opinion and how you completely have a right to be angry. I am Christian, more spiritual than religious, and think it's a private belief. It's a belief that I don't mind making fun of or realizing the mockery some people make of the institution of religion with their fanaticism.

I also wanted to tell you...even with me being Christian, I agreed with about 95% of what you wrote. I like to think of myself as a educated, logical, well-balanced Christian. And guess what? I pray that you and your partner are finally able to get married VERY soon.

My way of thinking is this...I am a human being first and then everything else second, including being Christian. Atheists are denied way too many rights and one of these days this will change.

Oh and I just want to share why I believe. This is not preaching or anything along those lines. I believe because of hope. I like to think that in any situation there is something...greater than can lift me up and give me hope and a glimmer of optimism. That's my reason for God. For me God=Hope.

Anyway, more power to you for writing this kickass entry. I enjoyed reading it and definitely agree with most of what you wrote!

Ceci Ho

You go girl !!!


thank you


This is an absolute must-read article. Unfortunately, the people who need to read it most probably won't. I agree with betalife - better times are coming. Hang in there :)


Oh my Darwin, thank you sooo much for posting this. This is like the motherboard of everything I've wanted to say.

Thank you thank you thank you.


As one who would be considered a "Christian" for lack of an easier description, I applaud you for your statements. They are enlightening, refreshing, and so very needed.

Even as you make the statement of Atheistic philosophy I feel that you are striking chords that ring closer to the truth than most "religious folk" would ever dare to realize. And in the end, the truth, regardless of its origin, will always win.

Mia Dimicco

After reading all that, I really do get why you are so angry.

It has also answered my question I have had for years and that is, why do African women continue to have babies despite knowing their childrens lives would be cut very short by hygiene and food issues

Yahoo Answers lead me here and has opened up my eyes. Focus all that intelligence and energy

Now focus on the positive of what atheism does for people.


Though some of your anger may be justifiable it is the expression of that anger that can be destructive to both you and your arguments.

Also not all of what you gave as examples were examples of anger. Some were frustrations and fears.

Being anger does not in itself accomplish anything. It can, however help to mobilize people to accomplish a goal.

Keep some of the anger but keep it hidden and turn it into action and planning.


QQ more imo.


You made me angry about it and I'm not even an atheist. I'm just an agnostic and I accept that I don't know what the real truth is. I agree with so many things that you wrote here.
One thing that I am angry about is that I feel like I have to defend the fact that my belief is a lack of belief. Why do religious people have to get that "oh you are going to hell" look on their face when you say it.
It makes me angry that people think atheists/agnostics have no morality. I make an effort to be kind and compassionate. I make an effort to help others who need it, and do what I think is right.
It makes me angry that I am not represented in congress, and that if and when I decide to run, I may be considered a bad choice because of my (lack of) beliefs.
People came to the US to escape religious persecution, and now are conveniently ignoring that fact and the constitution. I feel like I am being discriminated against. I imagine many other religious minorities feel the same. This isn't just about atheists or Christians. This is about the fundamental right to choose your own religious path. I believe that as a society we are strong and can overcome this as we have overcome so many other biases.

This was a great article. And if you did write a book, Ill bet it would be amazing


I agree with absolutely everything you've said here. and countless more things can be said about religious extremists. whereas how much can be said about athiests? "they're intolerant of christians!" even though christians are the ones saying athiests shouldn't be considered citizens, the school system should teach nothing other than christianity, athiests are evil, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Im really sorry about you and Ingrid. I wish I could do something about it. Its especially when I hear about true love getting stepped on like that that I can't stand these fundamentalist christians! Who are they to tell you who you can and can't love? what you can and can't think? but they can because "God made them rulers over the world" But athiests are arrogant.


Very thorough. Very true.


Regarding 9/11, someone said, "Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings"

(it was a guy named Victor Stenger, I found out)

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