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Ooh! Ooh! What an opportunity! My main site is "Abolish Insecticides, Make the world safe for ornery pests like me" at . My frivolous diary is "My Demented Diary" at . My much newer and more serious diary is "A Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow" at .


Well.... my personal blog isn't much to speak of, but I have been podcasting my music over at

Readers on here might enjoy song 002 - Tell Me You Love Me ( ), a bdsm love song, and song 007 - Unicorn ( ) - about the invisible pink unicorn.... and other religious nonsense.

Of course, you may not consider Metal to be music.... but that is another story.

Nick Langewis

Here's one I've just done down at Scholars & Rogues on the Larry Craig controversy. It's gotten a bit of a mixed reception, but it's possible that some will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it...

To the man in the sombrero: The point is that we citizens ought to be flush, not flushed

Steve Caldwell


Here's my shameless self-promotion:

Liberal Faith Development (Steve's commentary on Unitarian Universalist faith development in congregations and the wider liberal religious community)

Unitarian Universalism is one of the few (and perhaps only) religious denominations that welcomes all and have no formal creed.

You can find churches where Atheists, Christians, Pagans, Jews, Buddhists, Moslems, and others worship and form community together.

The Unitarian Universalists are also are partly responsible for publishing one of the best lifespan comprehensive sexuality education programs for grades K-1, grades 4-6, grades 7-9, grades 10-12, young adults, and adults:

King Aardvark

Hi Greta!

I love blogwhoring, so I'm happy for the opportunity.

At my blog, King Aardvark's Kick in the Nuts, I write about my life as it is, namely misadventures in structural engineering and dealing with my ever more evangelical christian wife.

And since you write about sexuality and porn frequently, I thought I'd include a link to a little post I did about cocks (shuttlecocks, that is).

King Aardvark

Whoops, none of my links appear to have gone through. Let's try that again:
#1 structural engineering

#2 religious stuff

#3 cocks


I volunteer at an animal rescue and a local zoo. At the animal rescue, I pimp older cats and learn to get over my fear of dogs. At the zoo, I write notes for the keepers on how the elephants are doing. One of the keepers will write a paper on how to encourage natural behavior in zoo elephants.

I also blog about nature and the environment and occasionally veer off course on other topics. for all of your elephant and housecat needs.


My blog is an unashamedly sloppy slap-together of whatever I'm thinking about (which is atheism remarkably often, at the moment; I'm trying to get some more variety in). I would like to promote this post, though -- it's a personal story with a strong message, and I'm a little proud of it:

Beth Terry

Since the middle of June, I've been blogging non-stop about plastic, the problems it causes, alternatives to plastic, and how I'm trying to reduce my own plastic waste at

Two posts which have gotten the most attention and which I'm the proudest of are:




I blog about the horrible wedding industrial complex, here:

Captain Colossal

I actually started reading this blog after my co-blogger wrote about it so I feel all giddy about the opportunity to push here.

We've done some posting about sex tourists in Thailand:

I'm particularly partial to this post about friendships between and men and women.

Also there's stuff about clothes and sports and feminism, etc. etc. etc.

Thank you for this blog -- it's pretty grand. An inspiration.


Check out the blog of San Francisco's FreeThoughtGuy:

He's an all-around good guy, varied in interests, inspired by nature, and unencumbered by religion. He answers rhetorical questions. He's the kind of guy you'd like to have as your next door neighbor ... except when he cranks up his music!


I'm involved with two blogs. The first is a group blog called Blog of Pro-Porn Activism, which is exactly what it sounds like. It can be found here:

There's also my own blog, which I've been less active with since BPPA started. I used to cover many BPPA topics there, now I just post stuff that doesn't quite fit. It can be found here:

Some posts I'd like to share. Here's a good one about the sex industry titled "Not a Monolith":

Here's a series that's in progress, "Why I'm Pro-porn/Why I'm Anti-anti-porn":

J. J. Ramsey

Ok, here my shameless blog promotion, FWIW:


If you are interested in pro atheist, pro feminist blogs please check mine out!! I just started it so new comments would be so welcome:)


The Bad Idea Blog is open for business and accepting applications for skeptical smackdowns:

When you see something stupid, run away, tell someone you trust, and then hire Bad to ride in and rub it out with a biting blog beatdown.


This is a good idea, and a good opportunity for me!

My site is

It's a web site dedicated to nun exploitation movies and nun porn. We explore every possible facet of sexy nuns in movies, television, comic books, anime and, yes, pornography.

Perhaps, it will make a good substitute in the absence of the Christian spanking porn you've become so fond of. ;)

Bill Brent

Hey, Greta -- wow, judging by the number of comments here, this post must have knocked your average hits count up a few notches!

Since you talk about dropping acid in this post, I'll link to a story I composed during an acid trip (I tidied it up later):
(Link to

And this is a bit of wry social commentary from a queer perspective:
(Link to

My basic URL is:



Bill Brent

Er, I meant your NEXT post. Duh:

The Count

Heya Greta! This is The Count. I've been reading your blog for a bit now and thoroughly enjoy your posts and thoughts.
I have a brand spanking new blog which my wife created for me. I write about atheism, politics, history, food and whatever else intrudes upon my consciousness. I don't have very many posts up yet and I'm not a good writer, but this example is simple and speaks to the theist's penchant for witnessing the existance of god .

You may also enjoy my wife's new sex writing blog and her old activist blog . She, on the other hand, knows how to write well!

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