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WARNING to other readers: This comment is as spoiler free as I can make it, but if you want to know nothing about the book, don't read it.

I'd have to completely disagree with you here. (Sorry I'm writing this so late but I just finished it.) I think it was the worst book in the series.

I was quite bored by it until chapter 33 (towards the end for the people who haven't read it yet) when everything starts to go down.

J.K. Rowling seems to do this. She'll set up little plot points all along the way, but you're waiting for the REAL action and excitement to happen, so you slog your way through it. This has happened in the other books to me too. So nothing happens for the first half to 3/4 of the book and then everything happens at once, final showdown style.

She also does a horrible job at exposition... she'll put "excerpts" from wizarding books or newspapers or she'll have someone go on a long expositionary monologue. If I remember correctly, you're not supposed to TELL people things, you're supposed to SHOW them. (however, if she'd do this, the books would be even longer. However, if she cut out some of the middle and beginning parts that are long and boring...)

That and the epilogue was completely unnecessary. It was set too far in the future, there wasn't enough time to build some rapport and emotional attachment with the new characters introduced (the only way was via their families, whom you already know, and, honestly, I didn't think it was enough), it didn't expose enough about the lives of the characters we already know, and it was just too pat and pert. But, then again, children's book.

All that being said, I cried at multiple locations through the book. I gasped out loud at times. (I'm sure my fellow riders on the subway thought I was crazy.) So when JK gets it, she GETS IT and hits it right on the head. But I don't think it was so much her writing, but what happened to the characters.

I still stand by that I think that book 3 was the best book. It's really when everything started happening, when we really got into the plot that happened throughout the rest of the books.

Last Hussar

Nope, not like the Beatles- more like the Difficult Second Album. Amusing enough at first, but really just derivative Enid Blyton constantly rehashed. Good kids books, but somehow popularity has been confused with quality. The characters lack depth, the story arcs are linear, with little sub text or secondary arc. It is not enough to say a green sun rises, you must give credible reason for the sun to be green.

I would rather have breakfast with Tiffany. (now there's an obscure reference to my favourite kids books)

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